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Because a Java runtime is like a box of chocolates...

Graham's Utility for Magic Porting builds on four years' experience using byte-code engineering techniques to help solve the problems of device fragmentation in the world of mobile Java.

GUMP is a post-processor, applying changes directly to class and resource files in a JAR file. It provides a sophisticated, aspect oriented alternative to using pre-processors with Java. It can help you target multiple devices from a single, clean set of Java source code.

GUMP's framework makes it easy to develop a set of re-usable, automated gumplets to address specific portability issues. Device-specific scripts can automatically apply a set of fixes appropriate to a given device, reducing the level of device knowledge needed by the developer.

Gumplets can also use aspect oriented programming techniques to build powerful debugging and optimization tools.

See the gumplet directory for details of gumplets included in the existing package.

Learn more in the GUMP Wiki.

New: NewForME

A subproject of GUMP, NewForME allows use of Java 5, 6 and 7 language features on CLDC-based mobile devices.

Read more about NewForME...


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